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Safety Information


Requirements for tryouts:

* Attend practices during tryout week to earn participation points

* Interview with the coach

* 2.5 GPA

* Dance routine

* Cheer

* Tumbling (optional)

* Complete application packet turned into the WHS office by April 7th


* Please wear comfortable workout clothes and tennis shoes to all practices.

* On tryout day show your school spirit! Dress in WHS attire!



As a Woodinville High School Cheerleader you are a representative of our school, our team and your coach. A positive attitude, appropriate behavior and adhering to the athletic code are of the highest priority for squad members. Any behavior which reflects negatively on Woodinville High School or our cheer team will be dealt with severely. As a cheerleader you are expected to be respectful to all, work hard and represent yourself as a leader of our school. You will be required to maintain a 2.5 GPA in order to remain a member of the WHS cheer squad. Attendance at all events is mandatory, unless previously cleared with the coach.


Being a cheerleader is a very large time commitment. It is a year round commitment with many different activities to support and attend. Squad members may participate in one other sport as long as there is a balance between cheer and that sport. If you decide to join another team, this must be discussed and arranged prior to making another commitment. Inevitably, unanticipated conflicts will arise and can typically be worked out with the coach. 

Below is a list of the general activities that you will be required to participate in. Of course, things do come up and this list is subject to change during the year, with additions possible and likely.


*Attend meetings and practices before the end of school


*Practice (mandatory) - M, W, F for 2-3 hours (hours and weeks to be determined)
*Summer camp (mandatory) – end of July @ CWU (specific dates to be determined)

School Year:

* Weekly practices – every Monday @ 4:30pm and possibly one additional practice if needed
* Attendance at scheduled events: September – April
* Support for all sports in some way – schedules to be determined
* ASB class for those who can fit it in their schedule
* Non-athletic events – there will be several you are expected to attend such as WHS Open House, Falcon Days, Woodinville April Parade, etc.
* Fundraising events (most likely on weekends) – such as cheer clinics


The specific costs vary from year to year. 

* Uniform (shell, sweater, skirt, briefs)
* Shoes
* Warm-ups
* Pom poms
* Hair ribbons
* Camp gear (shorts, t-shirts)
* Camp tuition and fees

**Every item that you purchase will be yours to keep at the end of the season.